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Welcome to YFT.com. The place to find Your Favorite Things! Our directory is packed full of sites in all different categories and is constantly growing with new sites being added regularly. Our forums are full of great discussion covering all sorts of topics. Plus you will find other great features at YFT such as games, jokes, shopping, articles and more.

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Four ways you can receive your medical assistant certification

Medical assistants do not need licenses to work. However, most medical assistants - especially those just out of school - often find their employment options limited if they don't have some kind of professional certification. Currently, four organizati... Continue reading

Brighten winter’s dark days with simple home safety, security steps

(ARA) - The arrival of winter and daylight saving time means more of us will be getting up - and coming home - in the dark. The short, dark days of cool weather are a smart time to think about home safety and security. A home break-in occurs every 14.... Continue reading

Inspire love and passion with essential oils

(ARA) - Have the fires of love fizzled for you and your partner? If so, you're not alone. Living today is filled with distractions and obligations that can block passion and loving empathy: work, stress, family responsibilities, physical health, mental... Continue reading

Top 5 burger towns for Memorial Day

(ARA) - Americans will consume 1.3 billion pounds of ground beef this year - and the biggest day for beef eating is just around the corner. Americans will eat more beef on Memorial Day than any other day of the year and they'll eat some 70 percent of t... Continue reading

Enhance your holiday gift with flavor and knowledge

(ARA) - Are you looking for gift ideas this holiday season that are more than just a gift? How about enhancing a tasteful gift with culture and knowledge to enhance your loved one's stature? A wine club membership is the perfect gift for a budding con... Continue reading

Transforming holiday leftovers into mouthwatering meals

(ARA) - Gathering with friends and family for special meals is a beloved part of the fall and winter holidays. Spending time preparing dishes that everyone looks forward to somehow feels less like a chore and more like a tradition during this time of y... Continue reading

How to find relief from fall allergies and hay fever

(ARA) - For many, fall signifies the change of leaves from green to vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. But for one in five people, it's time to control a seasonal allergy: hay fever. Despite its ill-suited name that would lead you to believe you are a... Continue reading

Have a bit of Glee in you? Take your stage presence into the classroom

(ARA) - Not everyone with a strong set of pipes sets out to be the next American Idol, nor does every young dancer end up with a career on Broadway. A strong educational foundation in the fine arts, however, can lead to an equally rewarding career teac... Continue reading

Helpful tips for holiday entertaining, including a sweet surprise

(ARA) - For even the most seasoned host or hostess, the holiday season can be nerve racking and stress inducing. However, there are tips and tricks that anyone can have in their arsenal to make their festivities merry and bright. Here are five tips tha... Continue reading
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