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Welcome to YFT.com. The place to find Your Favorite Things! Our directory is packed full of sites in all different categories and is constantly growing with new sites being added regularly. Our forums are full of great discussion covering all sorts of topics. Plus you will find other great features at YFT such as games, jokes, shopping, articles and more.

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Ask the Pharmacist: Understanding the dangers of low blood sugar

(BPT) - The numbers are astounding – nearly 400 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes and many patients may not realize they are at risk for a condition known as hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is characterized as dangerously low blood sugar l... Continue reading

How to save time and money when buying pet meds

You can't put a price on the joy your pet brings you, but there's also no disputing the fact that owning a pet is expensive. Visits to the veterinarian, food and medications all add up and can put a strain on your cash flow. The good news is there are ... Continue reading

Keep your engine cool when temps heat up

(ARA) - You've waited so long for summer vacation, and now you're ready for that family getaway or road trip. Whether you're cruising down the open road or taking the kids to summer camp, the last thing you want is a vehicle problem that leaves you str... Continue reading

Flu season alert: Protect yourself, and others, from germs

Germs: If we could see them, it would be much easier to avoid catching the flu or a cold. However, since germs are invisible to the naked eye, we look for different forms of protection, especially during flu season when risk of a specific illness runs ... Continue reading

Think outside the box: All that glitters may be underinsured

(ARA) - Valentine's day represents a special time for gift giving, including some gifts that sparkle more than others. While this is a time of year where it's the thought that counts, when it comes to more expensive thoughts, there are other things to ... Continue reading

Gardening season doesn’t have to end when the ground freezes – bring it indoors

Falling leaves and frost often bring bittersweet feelings for gardeners. On one hand, you reflect warmly on all that was accomplished during the season - be it a bumper tomato harvest or vivid memories of the color displays during each part of the grow... Continue reading

Buying a fixer-upper? How to make the most of your remodel

(ARA) - With home prices and interest rates still low across the country, and inventories high, it's a great time to be in the market for a fixer-upper. By buying a house that needs some work, you can achieve your dream home for less than you would pro... Continue reading

Going gluten free may not be enough to manage celiac disease

(BPT) - If you suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, joint pain, skin rash, mouth sores or tingling in the legs and feet, you may be one of the approximately 1 percent of Americans who are diagnosed with celiac disease. For those who are diag... Continue reading

The gift of food is always appreciated – and can be customized

(ARA) - Unique. Personal. Indulgent. Convenient. Fun. Scrumptious. Whether you're the giver or the lucky recipient, food gifts are a safe bet - and always appreciated. In fact, giving food for the holidays is on the rise. Sales of food gifts have grow... Continue reading
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