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Welcome to YFT.com. The place to find Your Favorite Things! Our directory is packed full of sites in all different categories and is constantly growing with new sites being added regularly. Our forums are full of great discussion covering all sorts of topics. Plus you will find other great features at YFT such as games, jokes, shopping, articles and more.

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Transforming holiday leftovers into mouthwatering meals

(ARA) - Gathering with friends and family for special meals is a beloved part of the fall and winter holidays. Spending time preparing dishes that everyone looks forward to somehow feels less like a chore and more like a tradition during this time of y... Continue reading

Three keys to thwarting online thieves this holiday season

(ARA) - Online shopping is about to reach epic proportions. The Internet will soon buzz with party invitations and holiday wishes sent from afar. Americans will go online to find ideas for their holiday shopping lists, directions to party sites, and de... Continue reading

Resolve to make your menopausal health a priority

(ARA) - Now is the time for a renewed focus on personal health and wellness. If you have been putting the health of your family first, take some time to educate yourself and make your own health a priority, as well. If you are a menopausal woman, you ... Continue reading

Creating safety and fairness for students with diabetes

(ARA) - School is supposed to be a safe haven for children - a healthy place where they can learn and grow. Unfortunately, that's not always the case for the nearly 200,000 American children with diabetes who may place their health at risk when they bo... Continue reading

The New Year’s resolution you can easily keep: protecting your identity

(ARA) - Losing weight, eating better, building your savings - what will you resolve to do in 2011? While resolutions that improve your physical or financial health are worthwhile, you might consider adding a new pledge to your list of resolutions - a v... Continue reading

Branding pointers for small businesses

(ARA) - Branding isn't just for the big guys. Small businesses can launch, grow and expand through clear and consistent messaging and marketing, just like larger companies do. If you're a small-business owner, creating a distinct brand image for your ... Continue reading

Will cheap flights be cheaper than buying gas for summer vacationers?

Used to be, if you wanted to save money on your summer vacation, you gave up the convenience of flying and drove to your destination. A couple tanks of gas cost less than airfare in those days. Now, with gas approaching $4 a gallon in many areas of th... Continue reading

Walking for health starts with small steps

(ARA) - From drive-through dining to online shopping, people are always looking for ways to cut out an extra step to make things easier and faster. When it comes to developing healthier habits, however, adding extra steps - literally - may help a perso... Continue reading

Simple and practical tips help maintain a healthy and happy family lifestyle

(ARA) - Creating a positive, nourishing home environment is nearly every parent's top priority. However, it can be difficult for parents to know what to do to ensure that their children are healthy and lead successful lives. Laura Posada, wife of Yank... Continue reading
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