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Welcome to YFT.com. The place to find Your Favorite Things! Our directory is packed full of sites in all different categories and is constantly growing with new sites being added regularly. Our forums are full of great discussion covering all sorts of topics. Plus you will find other great features at YFT such as games, jokes, shopping, articles and more.

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Saltwater swimming pools easier to maintain, with no chlorine odor

(ARA) - It was supposed to be a community swimming pool, but many people stayed away because they couldn't tolerate the biting, nose-curdling odor of chlorine. Others experienced breathing and skin problems. So the Evergreen Commons senior center in H... Continue reading

‘Green’ your indoor environment with these sunny-day upgrades

(ARA) - Bright sun and abundant green - is that what comes to mind when you think of summer? The season of sunny skies and green outdoors has arrived. Why not take advantage of warm weather sun to "green" your home with improvements that deliver enviro... Continue reading

Change clothes: Transitioning your wardrobe to fit the season

(ARA) - One of the easiest ways to simplify your morning routine is to have an organized closet. Unfortunately, clothes tend to languish at the bottom of piles, shoes get pushed into dark corners and finding what you want to wear becomes a hassle. Know... Continue reading

Fixing your credit is doable

If you find yourself with less-than-good credit, you are not alone. Business Insider, an online business news website, reports that one in 50 households owes more than $20,000 in credit card debt. Coinciding with this alarming figure, the site further ... Continue reading

The New Year’s resolution you can easily keep: protecting your identity

(ARA) - Losing weight, eating better, building your savings - what will you resolve to do in 2011? While resolutions that improve your physical or financial health are worthwhile, you might consider adding a new pledge to your list of resolutions - a v... Continue reading

Should parents ‘pay’ kids for good grades in school?

(ARA) - Motivating your children to do well in school can be one of the most important - yet challenging - things you can do as a parent. If your children are inspired at a young age to set and achieve long-term goals, and earn good grades in the proce... Continue reading

Building memories around a fire pit

(BPT) - Whether you’re spending quality time with family or entertaining guests, few things compare to the cozy, warm and welcoming atmosphere created by a fire pit in the backyard. In fact, fire pits are among the most popular features for enhan... Continue reading

Hiring pros for spring cleaning tasks? What to look for and what it should cost

(BPT) - Some traditional spring cleaning tasks are easily accomplished on your own, like clearing out clutter or rearranging storage areas. Other important tasks such as cleaning air ducts or your carpets may require professional assistance – and... Continue reading

Deer dangers you don’t know – and what to do about them

(BPT) - It’s hard to live in suburbia these days and be unaware of the difficulties deer can cause homeowners. They lunch on your landscape and brazenly cross busy roads at the worst possible times. But did you know that deer can carry parasites ... Continue reading
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